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Why Customers Order Residential Window Tint In Cincinnati, Ohio

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

byAlma Abell

Cincinnati, Ohio weather includes plenty of sunshine, even in winter. While residents welcome those bright days, they are also aware of the long-term effects that sunlight can have on homes and their occupants. As a result, businesses like Solar Tint stay busy installing Residential Window Tint in Cincinnati Ohio. Customers order it in order to cut utility costs and reduce harsh glare. Window tinting also protects people and belongings from UV rays.

Window Film Can Lower Energy Costs

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The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that approximately 15% of the average home’s wall space is devoted to windows, which are inefficient insulators. In fact, they can increase the typical homeowner’s energy costs more than $700 per year. Residential Window Tint in Cincinnati Ohio can help, by providing over 75% heat reduction in summer. Just tinting windows can potentially lower cooling costs by half. Tinted windows also help stop warm air from escaping during winter months.

Film Reduces Indoor Glare

Homeowners also visit sites like and schedule assessments in order to prevent harsh glare. Many homes have so much sun exposure that it is almost impossible to watch television during the day. Glare can also lead to eyestrain, especially when using electronic devices like computers, tablets and smart phones. Fortunately, professionals can quickly install window film with a special design that allows light in but drastically reduces glare.

Tinting Windows Minimizes UV Rays

Tinting also prevents the damaging UV rays that can filter through windows. UV rays make up about 90% of the sunlight that comes into homes. They have been associated with skin problems, including cancer and premature wrinkles. In addition, UV rays can fade and damage photos, carpeting, drapes and upholstery. Expertly applied films will reduce 99.9% of ultraviolet rays. Many tinting professionals use Vista film, which is made using UVShield technology. It was created to provide indoor protection so it shields home occupants without distorting the view.

Residential window tinting has become popular in Cincinnati as more area residents search for ways to reduce indoor glare and filter out UV rays. Professionally installed tinting also helps homeowners lower utility costs by reducing heat from the sun during the summer and keeping warm air in during the winter.

Triangular Formula For Losing Weight And Getting Fit

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Submitted by: Mai Sharif

After delivering my fifth baby, I became obese; I needed to lose minimum of 30 kg! Yes the goal was difficult actually, it sounded impossible, at least for those around me.

I had heard of and had seen many women who struggled with Weight Loss for years and years. During these years, their weights were going up and down. They would go on a Weight Loss plan for a period of time, lose some kilos, and then get frustrated. They would give up and gain those kilos again, until they would wake up another time and start the process all over again.

While thinking of those people and looking at my own struggles with losing weight, the ideas inside my mind were flipping: Should I emulate them and at least give dieting a try, or should I accept my situation?

At that time, I was surrounded with slim ladies. Whenever I would meet them, I would feel ashamed of my body. I had a feeling that it was not me and that, in one way or another, people simply didn’t respect me. Maybe this was inaccurate, but that feeling led me to believe that my beautiful soul was just locked inside a body that did not feel like my own.

While all of these ideas were tickling my mind, I remembered something very important:

A year prior, I had asked one of my relatives (who happened to be a nutritionist working in a famous health club) what to do to lose weight. I had heard that she had a new weight loss treatment.

She told me that she did have a new weight loss treatment, but that it was important to keep in mind that a person needs to diet (albeit nota very strict diet) and engage in physical exercise (walking for 30 minutes daily is enough), in addition to beginning these treatments.

I followed her rule for one year, and I experienced great success in losing weight (30 kg).

Here are the three main things that you need to do to successfully lose weight, as well:

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1- Diet

2- Exercise

3- Shape (through treatments like manual massages or using machines)

Frankly, you can follow any diet, do any exercise, and do the shaping that suits your time and budget, and you will get perfect results. One more important thing: BE PATIENT! You cannot achieve your goals within a week or two, unless you are a superhero. It took from me almost ONE year to lose the weight over the course of three stages:

First Stage:

I started following a diet prepared by a dietitian. I followed this plan for two months, in addition to incorporating exercise into my lifestyle. The diet was a balanced diet and somehow easy. It consisted of three main meals and two snacks per day.

I also did 16 sections of weight loss massage. This was a tough massage, which is done to the whole body using a circle head rotating quickly. This helped my body get tight and firm.

I lost 10 kilos within those two months. WOW, I thought, these are great results! However, I was still far away from my goal. It is important to remember that every kilo that you want to lose is harder than the previous kilo.

Then, I took a break from the weight loss program for a month. During that month, I struggled, as I did not want to gain any kilos. It was difficult, especially because I have an insatiable appetite. I used to follow my appetite for some days, gain 1-2 kilos, and then diet after that for three or four days to lose the kilos that I had gained, only to eventually lose self-control again.

I wasn’t sure it I wanted to commit to losing more kilos, but I knew that I needed to. I felt that if I did not put myself on track again and follow a diet, I would surely gain all the weight that I lost. Therefore, I decided to do it again.

Second Stage:

At this point in time, I was satisfied with my achievement, but I knew that it would be hard to lose another 5-7 kilos. I joined a diet center, which is known for with its very tough diet, for another two months. The diet was hard to follow; it required eating no more than 1000 calories per day. The food that I was allowed to eat was protein concentrated, with little chunks of carbohydrates, but I was allowed to take one free day per week. During these two months, I cheated quite frequently. Sometimes, I used to increase the portion of bread that I was allowed to eat, and other times, I took two free days instead of one.

To make a long story short, the diet was disgusting. I had absolutely had it with eating eggs, cheese, and turkey! Each week when I was visiting the dietitian, I begged her to change the diet or to add another portion of bread or fruits. I felt that this diet was a kind of punishment. Sometimes, I felt that I didn’t want to torture myself to lose weight, and other times I would tell myself that I only had to follow the diet for a short period of time. I would think that after a couple of weeks, I would reach my goal and have the fit body that I used to have before.

Finally, after two months I lost another 10 kilos. But I can assure you of one thing: I won’t put myself back on that diet again.

During this stage I did 10 sections of weight lost treatments (ultrasound treatments). The exercise that I incorporated into my lifestyle was walking for half an hour three times weekly.

Third Stage:

All in all, I lost 20 kg within 5 months. I decided to give up this disgusting diet and try it on my own. I decided that I should plan my own diet and change my lifestyle; I should eat healthy and balanced food within an appropriate caloric intake level.

I tried to incorporate these changes without any successes duringthe first and second months. I didn’t lose a single kilo, but at least I didn’t gain any, either.

During those two months, I kept complaining and blaming myself for my insatiable appetite. I used to feel hungry all the time, and I loved sweets and junk food. With these challenges standing my way, I thought for sure that I wouldn t lose any weight!

I started to search for a dietitian to help me again, but this time, I wanted to find one who could provide me with a diet plan that really suited me. During this time, a lady in Qatar from the Doha Mum Group announced a competition for losing weight under the title of Bigger Loser. Each competitor pays 100 riyal at the beginning of the competition, and after six weeks the first three winners (who lose the most weight calculated as a percentage of total weight lost) would win the money. I joined the competition, even though I had no clue what to do to lose weight. However, I just thought that joining the competition would give me the push and encouragement to continue my journey in losing weight.

The first week passed without any progress. Then, one of my friends told me that her friend had joined a weight loss center and had lost a lot of weight as a result. It was expensive, but I decided to check it out, thinking that maybe they would be able to give me a package that suited my budget. That is exactly what happened. They offered me a good package that included a diet plan, exercises, and 15 weight loss treatments.

Within the next 5 weeks, I lost about 7 kilos, and the shape of my body changed a lot. AND guess what? I won the Bigger Loser competition! Even the money that I won wasn’t equal to even what I paid for that center, I was so happy. I got to win the competition and finally have the healthy, fit body that I desired.

My body is great now! I went on vacation strutting with the new clothes that I bought to suit my fabulous new body.

If you are serious about losing weight and getting fit, remember to diet, exercise, and do the shaping treatments. Also, remember that you need to be patient and have lots of determination, steadiness, resoluteness, and money. Follow this advice and I m sure you will gain good results, as well!

About the Author: I care about beauty topic: being fit, looking younger, dress well. I am documenting my experiences (losing 30 Kg , Get rid of acne scars . . ) in my site

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