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Retirement Planning: A Food Lovers’ Approach To Planning For The Future

Friday, February 1st, 2019

By Jeffrey Stoffer CFA, CFP

I am still coming to grips with it. Like many of you, I am rapidly approaching retirement. We read the statistics about how few of us are prepared. Mere mention of the words, “investments” or “retirement planning” can seem like carrying around a ball and chain. Well I want to make this journey one that is more appetizing. After all, I love those late-night conversations with my spouse about where we might be in twenty years. Should we live near the beach or in the mountains? Does planning for the years ahead have to be so complicated that we feel like avoiding it altogether? Here is a food lovers’ approach to planning for the future.

How many of you like to entertain, have guests to your house? I really enjoy having people over. My favorite part of planning an intimate evening is the food. I want to cook something special that satisfies the soul. I think many of us share this feeling of wanting to put forth the extra effort to ensure a nice setting, with good food and fun conversation. I want my guests to wake up the next morning and say, “Wow, we really had a great time last night.”

Think about all the effort that we put into planning a dinner party. We give extra consideration to the menu and our choice of ingredients. We may have a special bottle of wine. We’ll clean up the house a little more, buy flowers, and put out the nice tablecloth and napkins. Why do we do this? Because we value our friends. We want them to feel welcome in our homes. We want to give something of ourselves to them. It is a direct expression of our values.

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Our values are the starting point in thinking about retirement and investing for the future. People often think the most important thing is, “I gotta have a big pile of money to retire.” That may or may not be true and you won’t know unless you do some planning. When you are thinking about the future, think about what your daily life will look like, and about what is important to you. And here is the key, treat the future with the same care and sense of joyful anticipation you would in planning a party for your friends. How do you like to spend your days? Write these things down and start your menu for the future.

A well thought out menu is an essential ingredient for planning. As a fun little diversion here are some items from a Chez Panisse menu on a Friday night. The first course, heirloom tomatoes, you’ve seen them at market, with their gorgeous array of colors. The second course is Alaskan salmon with nasturtiums and mint. For the main course they are serving marinated and grilled squab with squab liver toast. (Squab liver is so good it makes me want to howl at the moon!) Then, for dessert, is a summer berry tartlet. The menu, as you’re beginning to sense, builds anticipation as we envision what it will be like when we get there.

Another thing to note when looking at the menu is the nice variety of ingredients going into this meal. In investment terms we would say this is a diverse, or well-diversified menu. One of the most important things to consider for your retirement investments is that they be diverse. Think about this when you read your monthly financial statements. They should look like a Chez Panisse menu, well diversified, with numerous investments and many different flavors.

When you arrive at Chez Panisse and walk into the dining room, there are usually some platters piled high with great produce. It has the feeling of seasonal bounty, like a cornucopia, a sense of plenty. Having a diversified portfolio of investments can help create this sense of anticipation and bounty that you will reap in your future.

That is how I’d like to approach planning for the future, with a sense of anticipation and bounty. Like the anticipation we feel prior to the arrival of our friends, or anticipating a meal at a great restaurant. This is our future we are talking about. Wouldn’t it be great to take the extra time and care such that when we arrive in our future, we have that same sense of delight and appreciation that our guests feel when they arrive at our homes? We can’t know the future, just as we can’t know if all our guests will get along on a particular evening. But regardless of the amount of money we have, or how nice the china is, we put our best foot forward for our guests. Let’s do the same for ourselves. The anticipation of the arrival is half the joy and the appreciation that ensues when you get there will make all your efforts worthwhile.

About the Author: Jeffrey Stoffer CFA, CFP, Principal of Stoffer Wealth Advisors. We are an investment management and financial planning firm serving individuals, families, and business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit our website at


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Best Mcx Tips Prvider By Epicresearch In Commodity Market

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018




The standard of share market increases with the keen interest on levels of the MCX tips. clients are investing in this market for long term strategy. People are also investing in a huge amount in the market like equity, forex, commodity ,market and these are not restricted in themselves but they go for commodity market too. the commodity market include MCX and NCDEX both. The MCX Market consist of different type of metals like GOLD,SILVER,COPPER,ZINC ,ALUMINIUM and LEAD. Crude Oil and Natural gas is also part of commodity which are energy product .

Many companies and people in the market are providing advices or tips on the basis of accurate analysis for investing in particular market and metals. all are having great knowledge about this market movement. And they have studied in international market and all time keep eye on international market, on these basis analysis of the market and metals, they gives daily analysis basis report related to the market which can identify most significant information of the share market .which is easily relevant of clients or people.

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To gain more and more benefits market has turned to so many beneficial trading tips in commodity market and the most noted point is that the client should keep away their emotions and be very practical towards the tips providing. They have trust on that companies which are trustable, most accurate and beneficial tips provider . Existing company having master or intelligent research analyst team and they are having best strategy to make particular advise or tips for the trading market. People are gaining more profit on the basis of good tips in the commodity market ,and also provided stock market tips. Commodity market is one of the market where people gain more profit.

Apart from all these , there are some advisory firm which gives us the better tips related to the commodity market. These companies having research team who are analysts and studying every time about market with the help of them through their analysis company providing calls of client in commodity market .The company provides 85-90% accuracy for the clients, so that the gaining prominence in the market from clients site trust and company provided advise or tips them. Company know the value of money which invest by the client site that s why company working always in proper and right direction.

In this market many companies exist and provides advise but Epic Research Financial Services is one of the company which provide accurate tips. And epic research gives voice call for the clients. We are provide advice in all segment like EQUITY, COMMODITY , FOREX, NIFTY FUTURE,STOCK FUTURE,STOCK, MCX and NCDEX . Epic research is one of the stock advisory company which is more popular and very famous in very short term period and prove themselves the best stock advisory tips .

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Promotion Strategies: How Small Flash Drives Offer Big Marketing Opportunities

Monday, September 17th, 2018

By Jim McKinley

USB flash drives – also often referred to as thumb drives or jump drives – act as reusable portable hard drives. These small units – about the size of a pack of gum – can easily be carried in a pocket, worn around the neck like a necklace or used as a key chain by your clients and prospects. There are even USB flash pens – with the flash drive ‘hidden’ inside the writing utensil.

USB flash drives plug directly into your Universal Serial Bus (USB) port of a computer and are typically built to hold between 64 megabytes and 2 gigabytes of data. The popularity of flash drives have grown significantly over the past several years as storage capacities have increased and USB-enabled computers have become ubiquitous. The popularity and capabilities of flash drives has led to the advent of flash drive marketing.

The use of USB flash drives as effective marketing tools is continuing to evolve for forward thinking marketing professionals.

Custom Flash Drive Marketing Delivers Branded Product To Customers

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Thumb drives can be stamped with a company’s logo and as a result, custom logo USB drives have become trade show and convention favorites.

Companies are giving branded custom logo flash drives to key customers and prospects providing them with an instant reminder of your company every time they use the flash drive to transfer files or back up a document. Providing your customers (and potential customers) with a branded custom logo USB flash delivers a great way to market by keeping your brand in front of customers while giving them something of real value they will use over and over.

Flash Drive Marketing Delivers Branded Product With Targeted Messages

Using flash drives as branded giveaways and corporate gifts are just the tip of the marketing iceberg. Savvy marketers are increasingly using the storage capabilities of these compact devices to deliver their message. Flash drives can now be pre-loaded with data, music, video or other content. The devices can also be setup to auto-run a marketing message or load a specific website when inserted into a computer. Customers are able to continue to use the flash drive, storing their data alongside the pre-loaded content. A custom logo USB flash drive that also holds a pre-loaded message or presentation offers companies the benefit of delivering a branded product AND targeted message at the same time.

The concept of delivering your marketing messages via thumb drive was started several years ago when automobile manufacturers provided flash drives pre-loaded with presentations touting the features of their latest models. The idea has caught on – and not just for big companies. Looking for creative and cutting edge ways to stand out from the competition, large, medium, and small sized firms, companies and organizations across a wide range of industries are now looking to flash drive marketing to communicate their messages.

Ways That Organizations Can Utilize Flash Drive Marketing:

— Schools can provide handbooks and required course materials to incoming students via thumb drives featuring school colors and mascot. Students can continue to use the thumb drive for data storage and transfer throughout the school year

— Design and creative agencies can provide multi-media portfolios with links to additional web-based content

— Bands can promote and deliver new music via flash drive. In addition, bands can use USB mp3 players to allow users to listen to music directly from the device

As the popularity and capabilities of USB flash drives continue to grow, marketing professionals will continue to find unique and innovative ways to utilize flash drive marketing. The marketing possibilities may only be limited by the imagination.

About the Author: Jim McKinley, Marketing Director of

— the leading retailer of USB flash drives — helps companies increase their awareness by over 100% with customized flash drive marketing programs. By providing customers and prospects with a branded product and a targeted message, you can cut your advertising and direct marketing expenses in half. Become a forward thinking marketing professional and visit our Custom Logo Flash Drive page.


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Get Auto Loans With Bad Credit Online 5 Tips

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

By Robbie T. James

As an adult with responsibilities, you can hardly afford to be without a car of your own. Sure, having a car allows you to do all of the fun things in life like visiting friends, driving to the movies, or spending a leisurely day at the mall. But, it is also required equipment in most cases if you want to hold down most types of jobs, visit the doctor, or run errands around town.

If you are like most people, there is no single reason why you need to buy a car: there are about a million reasons. And yet, despite the importance of automobile ownership, not everybody can qualify for an auto loan.

The main reason why a person might not qualify for an auto loan is their credit score. The FICO credit scoring system was developed to help lenders have an easy way of assessing the risk they face for loaning money or extending credit to various consumers.

In many ways, the FICO score system serves its purpose well: it helps lenders make quick decisions about whom to offer an auto loan to and whose application reject. However, it can definitely work against you if you have a low credit score. Fortunately, even with a bad credit score, you can find online lenders willing to extend you a car loan.

If you want to get auto loans with bad credit online, here are 5 tips to help you get qualified:

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1. Pick out a car that you can buy at a reasonable price:

One thing many bad credit consumers who are interested in buying a car overlook is the fact that the price of the car they want to buy determines the loan amount they need. And, a larger loan amount means a worse chance of getting approved. So, find a car that is at the lower end of the price scale that will still make you happy.

2. Do what you can to scrape together a respectable down payment:

The more money you can come up with for a down payment, the better your chances of landing a bad credit auto loan at an attractive interest rate. Why should this be? Because, not only does the down payment reduce your loan amount (see #1 above), but it also signals to the lender that you are shouldering some of the risk of the loan. In other words, if you were ever to become unable to repay the loan, the lender would experience less of a loss.

3. Find 5 bad credit auto loan lenders’ websites online:

You will improve your chances of finding the right car loan deal if you apply to multiple lenders. Look specifically for “bad credit auto lenders” to find those that specialize in working with folks in your situation.

4. Research those lenders’ names in discussion forums and chat rooms:

Do not just rush out and apply just yet, however. Do your homework on those lenders. Go online to discussion boards and the like and search their names. Make notes on any positive or negative comments that others have on these lenders.

5. Commit to yourself that you will apply to at least 3 of those lenders:

Now, choose your top 3 and start applying. Remember, it is important to apply to all 3 of them. No reason why you should skip over an opportunity to get yourself the best auto loan rate.

Try these 5 tips as you land yourself the best deal on an auto loan, even with a bad credit score.

About the Author: Get access to more bad credit auto loan tips and lending resources at:

My Bad Credit Auto Lender



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