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Career Options And Salaries After Engineering

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Career Options and Salaries after Engineering


faishal khan

“The engineering degree provides a number of career opportunities. The engineering colleges and institutes provide number of programs in various engineering discipline. Generally engineers are doing designing, development, analysis, testing, maintenance and production of various goods and services. One can become engineer in one of the following discipline and make his/her career accordingly.

Aerospace engineering- After graduating through aerospace, engineer can design, develop, testing of different space system and space exploration tools. One can get the salary package of around sixty thousand US dollars per year after doing aerospace engineering from a reputed institute. Apart from aerospace engineering one can also opt for bio engineering. The bioengineers have to combine the principle and application of embedded engineering with the study of biology, bio system, medical research and health related problems. The expected salary which the bio engineer can get after graduating from a reputed engineering college is around fifty thousand dollars.

Chemical engineering- The job profile of a chemical engineer includes designing, development, manufacturing and processing of chemicals and biochemicals. The average salary of a chemical engineer is around sixty five thousand dollars. Civil engineering is also a good option for engineers while choosing their career. A civil engineer has to plan, design, construct and operate at large scale in buildings, bridges and traffic and transportation system. The average salary of a civil engineer is fifty thousand dollars per year. Doing computer engineering is one of the lucrative career options in today s technological world.

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The job profile of an electrical engineer is to encompass electronics instruments, doing work in microelectronics, signal processing and nanotechnology processing. An electrical engineer can earn up-to sixty thousand dollars per year. Other forms of engineering which the engineering colleges are providing fire protection engineering, material engineering, and mechanical engineering with an average package of 40000 dollars. In the fire protection the job profile is to safeguard and protect the lives of people and safe the property from the fire or accidental places. The material engineer develop, process and test the complex material, a material engineer is expert in nanotechnology.

Generally one can get admission by going through entrance exam which is conducted by a recognized university/board. Most common engineering entrance exam in India are IIT and AIEEE- All India institute of engineering entrance exam. Apart from various national levels engineering entrance exam some state also took their state level engineering entrance exam for admission to different engineering institutes.

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Bait Them And They Will Come

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Bait Them and They Will Come


Mark Wales

There is a method of writing articles that can cause huge amounts of people to come to your site. They are not like your average ‘informative’ articles because you have to put a lot more time, effort and research in to them.

The concept is called link baiting and it centres on exploiting peoples natural curiosity. It is called link bait because the content of the article causes a lot of people to discuss it on social bookmarking sites and forums. One of the major factors in writing a successful link bait article is the title, which I’ll explain in a bit.

Virtually every successful link bait article that has been written has been based on a list. People seem to love lists and will link to them over and over again. The list can be about anything, from a list of resources to a list on how to do something.

Naturally if it’s a list of resources then it’s going to take a long time to research and prepare, which is why although the effort is a lot greater the reward can be equally as great.

So let’s take Golf as an example around which to write a link bait article. What are golfers interested in? I’m guessing that they all want to lower their handicap and increase the range of their drives. They are probably also very interested in watching golf, which has given me an idea to write about the top 5 greatest golfers of all time.

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A topic like this serves two purposes, people will check it to see if they agree with your selection and it will also create debate and discussion on your site because people are bound to disagree with your selection.

I will decide what factors to consider in rating the top 5 golfers of all time such as earnings, number of holes in one, number of trophies etc. I would then have to spend a long time data mining all this information to compile my list, then read biographies about all the golfers before compiling my article.

Once the article is written the make or break part is the article title. This is what people are going to read and decide on whether they will click the link. It’s got to be snappy and it’s got to instantly make the visitor curious enough to click.

I’ve come up with a few title ideas below:

Discover The Surprising Top 5 Golfers of All Time

Does Tiger Woods Still Make the Top 5 Golfers of All Time

Top 5 Golfers of All Time It’s Not Who You Think

I’m sure they would generate large number of clicks, especially the Tiger Woods one because of all the controversy he’s been in recently.

Another good tip for writing your article title is to use the word ‘mistakes’ because no one likes to make mistakes and people have to click it to find out what these mistakes are.

Sticking with our golfing example, do you think golfers would click on a link that says 4 Mistakes You Are Making That Are Affecting Your Swing ? I think they would want to put their mind at ease that they are not making any mistakes!

Writing link bait articles can be a lot of fun, but keep in mind that it usually requires a lot of effort on your part to prepare the article and there is no guarantee of success. Once you have written a few then you will start to get the hang of what works and what doesn’t.

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