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What’s Behind Cosmetic Dentistry?

Saturday, January 12th, 2019

byAlma Abell

There are many physical attributes that make up the whole person but perhaps none is more important and more beautiful than a winning smile. A great smile not only is radiant, it gives a wonderful boost of confidence and those that are lucky enough to have it usually have a great attitude and outlook on life. It’s unfortunate but it is the truth, people who have chipped or cracked teeth, teeth that are terribly stained or discolored do not tend to display the same level of confidence and as a result they are not enjoying life to its fullest. This is where a skilled cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs can make a world of difference.

There are a number of dental procedures that a cosmetic dentist can employ to give you the brilliant smile that you are looking for. These procedures can restore the teeth of any patient to their original, natural beauty. Cosmetic dentistry can also revise teeth; it is possible to replace teeth that are missing or correct problems such as misaligned teeth or an overbite. Once you have made an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs you have taken the first step to an enhanced smile which in itself will result in an increase in confidence.

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Many people do not even realize that they have had cosmetic dentistry. Anyone who has had a crown fitted or has had a tooth colored filling has enjoyed the benefits. Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty within the dental profession where you can enhance your smile and looks.

As people age there are a number of things that happen; one of them is the tendency for the teeth to discolor. Often discolored teeth are the result of drinking coffee and tea as well as smoking. Today there is no reason to accept discolored teeth; they can be brought back to their normal brightness but having them bleached. Many people think that the color of their teeth is on the surface; the enamel, this is not the case. The enamel on your teeth is basically translucent; the tooth color is dependent on the layer below which is the dentin. It is the dentin that determines the color of the teeth and when it becomes stained, it can be treated by a cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs. The treatment is quick and inexpensive and quickly transforms your looks.

Not every cosmetic procedure is a quick as teeth bleaching, in some cases the program can run several months but the wait is well worth it.

If you are unhappy with the visual appearance of your teeth there are a number of things that a cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs can do to enhance your smile. You are welcome to call Lehman Drive Dental for an appointment.


Three Types Of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

byAlma Abell

It is a common misconception that you need to see a specialist for a cosmetic dental procedure, but you may be able to have the procedure done by your dentist. The following types of cosmetic dental procedures are usually offered at your family dentistry.

Teeth Whitening

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If you are like many other patients, you are looking to restore the sparkle in your smile. Your dentist can help restore that youthful look by whitening your teeth. They use a custom whitening gel that breaks down the stains to reduce the color. A special light is used to help the gel pass through your teeth. The entire appointment lasts from 30 to 90 minutes, and you may need additional appointments to complete the process.

Dental Veneers

You years.

Dental Implants

Your dentist can use dental implants to repair your crowded, damaged or missing teeth. A dental implant is an artificial root for your bridge, crown or overdenture. The process includes several appointments of digital scans and surgical procedures, but your dental implant is sure to last for up to 30 years. Your implant looks and functions as a real tooth to help you maintain your smile.

If you are looking for a practice that offers teeth whitening, dental implants or dental veneers in Chesterfield, contact Chesterfield Family Dentistry: Jonathan W. Silva DDS to schedule your appointment today.

Select A Competent Dentist New York For Your Oral Care}

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Submitted by: Erzana Jones

We realize the value of certain things in life only when they have been destroyed or are no longer available to us. A simple example of this is our teeth which we take for granted right from our childhood. Although most parents try to imbibe a basic sense of oral hygiene in their kids, its seldom the case when we follow the childhood rules even in adulthood. Some of the basic training includes regular brushing of teeth after every meal or at least twice a day and definitely before going off to bed. However, our hectic lifestyle may make some of us so tired that at the end of the day we may skip this simple routine of oral care. Also, the food and drink that we intake can have a serious effect on our teeth like edibles of extreme temperature; however that has not stopped any of us from consuming hot beverages or frozen desserts. Even addictive habits like nicotine intake can cause serious damage in the form of staining of our teeth. It is time we wake up and smell the coffee and entrust the care of our teeth to a competent dentist New York.

Whatever may be the dental ailment that we are suffering from, like misaligned teeth, stained yellow teeth, broken or chipped tooth, rest assured that it can be restored by an experienced dentist New York. However, the important criterion is to find such a dentist New York who has the necessary expertise to provide the best oral care to you or your loved ones. Some easy ways to locate such a medical professional is through yellow pages, internet or perhaps through past reference of other patients. Once you have selected a doctor of your choice you can completely entrust your oral health care to him or her.

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Use of braces and teeth whitening procedures are some of the most common procedures implemented by dentist New York. It is best to approach a dentist whenever you sense the slightest dental problem and leave it upon him to suggest the best method of treatment. Also, it is advisable to do a little background research about the procedure before you actually start off with the treatment. Ask your dentist all queries that you may be having about the treatment and clarify every doubt that you may have. The time of recovery from a treatment also depends on the dentist treating you, hence be prepared to undertake all precautions as suggested by your dentist once you are through with the treatment.

A dentist in New York should be competent enough to properly diagnose the problem and provide the accurate treatment. However as we all are aware of the fact that prevention is better than cure, hence it is advisable to take proper care of your oral hygiene on a day to day basis. A little care in maintaining a dental routine and a care towards your lifestyle and eating habit are sure to ensure that your teeth stay pearly white and the smile remains intact.

About the Author: Erzana Jones has special interest in dentistry and health related topics.For more information about Dentist NYC,Dentist New York,Dentist Manhattan,IV sedation dentistry New York,Invisalign New York or any kind of dental emergency visit


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How Important Is Your Oral Health?}

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Submitted by: Bigsmiledental Management

Good oral health has a positive effect on your total wellbeing. When you neglect your oral healthit affects your general health and lifestyle. This justifies the importance of paying proper attention to your oral hygiene by way of regular friendly dental checkups with your dentist in Chicago.

Teeth are essential in our daily life, and by treating any dental problems that occur you can keep your mouth healthy and also reduce the risk of developing a serious medical condition.

A good set of teeth helps chewing and eating correctly and with ease, besides the advantage of having an attractive personality. Using the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry and new state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments, the Big Smile Dental team in Chicago has the expertise to transform your smile for success.

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Added self confidence and high esteem will benefit you at interviews, career, social relationships and other challenges in life. Your Dentist will give you every reason to smile by maintaining healthy teeth and gums for a longer and a better quality of life. Can you imagine how bad breath, broken or missing teeth, unhealthy gums or even stained and crooked teeth, will affect your health and your personal and professional lifestyle?

Chicago is a beautiful city, and it is important that you remain healthy and beautiful to enjoy it. You cannot eat properly if you have tooth ache that is not treated by a dentist. Moreover, if your teeth are not formed or taken care of, it will actually be harmful to your overall physical appearance. Poor oral health can compromise your overall health by creating gum disease and tooth decay and also trigger serious health problems.

Beware advanced periodontitis, an infection of the gums, can lead to coronary heart disease or build plaque in your arteries. Missing a few or all your teeth, or if you have lost much bone and tissue around your teeth, you may be at increased risk of stroke.

Most residents in Chicago ask their dentists how oral problem affect other health issues like Osteoporosis. This is a disease that causes bones to become weak and may be linked to periodontal bone and tooth loss. Periodontal disease somehow affects the body’s metabolism and contributes to development of pre-diabetes, a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal. It increases the risk of delivering a premature baby with a low birth weight. If you’re pregnant and have gum disease your dentist will most willing to impart his knowledge for appropriate dental treatment.

Poor oral health affects blood pressure and bone health, and can move to kidney failure and heart disease. Dental infections, like long period of periodontal disease and infected tooth roots can impact and risk medical treatment because the immune system is under stress.

Usually residents in Chicago are very conscious about their oral health and get help from experienced dentists such as Big Smile Dental. It is important that you understand how important good oral habits are. It can offer evidences about your overall health that helps you to protect yourself. Decide to practice good oral hygiene every day. Make it your habit and follow the simple rules like brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Replace your toothbrush once in three to four months. Floss daily. Eat a healthy diet and avoid having snacks between meal times and make sure you go through regular dental checkups. Good Luck!

About the Author: A great smile indicates perfect oral hygiene. If you are living in Chicago and are looking for a dentist chicago, For more information please visit


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Why Dream Maker Spas Are So Popular

Friday, September 9th, 2016

By Melany Borchardt

Dream maker spas have been in the industry of manufacturing hot tubs for decades. This has contributed to their still-growing popularity as they generate their credibility over years of excellent services. Dream maker spas introduced a new concept on how to manufacture hot tubs, meaning the new product models are more convenient and durable than the conventional ones that are using materials such as wood or steel as their shell or cabinet.

Conventional or traditional built hot tubs may look great on the brochures and even on the showroom floors, but after passing a few seasons as the harmful elements get in contact with the hot tubs, it will result in the break down or deterioration of the shell and cabinets. This will leave you with a lot of problems in maintenance and repairs. What you really need is something that can withstand all type of weather conditions without ripping or rotting, and this is something Dream maker spas can give.

The new models of hot tubs are manufactured using a state of the art rotational molding process that produces durable plastic or acrylic, and it doesn’t need to include wood or other degradable materials in the process. The molding process doesn’t require a lot of laborers, and this has a positive effect on the hot tub price tags, for dream maker spas are able to sell their product at a cheaper price that almost anyone can afford.

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Portable hot tubs are the most popular products of dream maker spa. It gives flexibility to the owners as they are able to move the spa at any available space in their home, and they can even bring the spa with them once they need to relocate to a new home. Portable spas are also convenient to use because it requires no installation at all, and what you only need to operate the hot tubs is fill it with water using a garden hose and plug it on any standard electricity outlet in your homes. This makes portable spas ideal for budget conscious people because it can take you away from all the additional cost and hassle of installing a permanent spa in your homes.

The initial cost of having a portable hot tub is usually around $3,000 to $8,000 depending on the size and additional features that you wanted to have. They can also come with visual enhancements like waterfalls and multi-colored led lights, as this will help to maximize your enjoyment while using the tubs. You will definitely find the model that will suit your budget and your preferences with Dream maker spas.

Even though the products created by Dream maker spas are built to last on a long period of time, it still requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it in good working condition. Checking up chemistry of water, cleaning the filters, shell and cabinets of the spa will ensure that it will operate efficiently. You now enjoy little life’s pleasure by simply soaking into the hot tub, and it will definitely create a big change on your lifestyle positively.

About the Author: Melany have written hundreds of articles about home repair and decoration. She’s passionate with

dream maker spas


hot tubs


free standing fireplace

, as she believes that they are great addition to any homes.


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