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Choose Ipe For Outdoor Furniture That Lasts}

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Choose Ipe for Outdoor Furniture That Lasts


Ronnie Tanner

If you have never thought of outdoor furniture as an heirloom, think again. Ipe wood will change the way you view outdoor furniture forever. A tropical hardwood tree, Ipe is one of the densest woods known. In fact, it is so dense that it sinks in water. The density of the wood is what makes it ideal for use in outdoor furniture. It resists rot, insect damage and fire. It has a beautiful color and a fine to medium grain. These attributes make Ipe one of the most practical hardwoods to use for outdoor furniture. The choice to go with Ipe wood when investing in outdoor furniture means purchasing a product that is of such high quality it can truly be considered an heirloom to pass on to the next generation.

The one quality of Ipe wood that has kept it from widespread use until just recently is also what makes it such an excellent choice today. That is the density of the wood. Ipe is such a dense wood that in the past it has proven a very difficult medium with which to work. However , recent advances in manufacturing techniques have solved these issues, making Ipe the ideal wood to choose when you want the best in long-lasting outdoor furniture.

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Many commercial builders have used it as decking for boardwalks, including the famous Atlantic City boardwalks.

Outdoor furniture constructed of Ipe is perfect for those who are looking for quality, durability and affordability. In addition, Ipe is available at a fraction of the cost of Teak. This hardwood is virtually indestructible. Its resistance to rot and insects makes Ipe outdoor furniture an excellent investment. It requires very little up keep and since it is so indestructible, not only can one expect to own it for a lifetime; it is truly something that can be passed down to the next generation.

With all of these excellent qualities, there is not much to say about the wood that is not favorable. It is harvested from managed forests, which allows the wood to be harvested with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. And, when dealing with reputable companies, consumers can feel assured that the wood that is harvested for construction of decking and outdoor furniture is done in an ecologically responsible way. That is not a claim that can readily be made with teak and other exotic hardwoods on the market today.

Another redeeming quality of this type of hardwood is its resistance to fire. According to the Nation Fire Protection Code, after subjection to fire for 10 minutes, Ipe has a rating of zero, which is the same as concrete. That is a significant improvement over most other types of wood used for decking and outdoor furniture.

While cedar has been the wood of choice in the past, that has changed in the last 20 years. This is in part because there are no longer any stands of old growth trees from which the cedar can be harvested. In order for cedar to have longevity as a material for outdoor furniture and decking, this is a necessity. Scientific research has shown that the heartwood of younger trees is not nearly as durable and resistant to rot as old growth trees and unfortunately, due to poor logging practices employed in the early part of the twentieth century, old growth trees no longer exist. The natural choice to fill the spot that cedar once held is Ipe wood. And given the fact that Ipe can be grown readily in managed conditions and does not require old growth wood to give it those enduring qualities, the reasons to choose Ipe continue to grow. Ipe wood provides so much in the way of usability, longevity and maintenance; it is the most logical choice when selecting outdoor furniture that lasts.

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Choose Ipe for Outdoor Furniture That Lasts


Make Haunting Halloween Miniatures For The Dollhouse

Friday, January 6th, 2017

By Lily Morgan

Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays are almost here. That means it is time to bring the seasonal decorations out. Not only that, but you have another great opportunity! If you and your children have a dollhouse and enjoy collecting, making, and decorating that dollhouse, now is the time you can have lots of fun.

You get to create great Halloween miniature furniture, and once you start with Halloween furniture, you can continue with all other seasonal furniture. Actually seasonal miniature furniture does not have to be all that glamorous. You can actually make lots of Halloween miniature furniture out of items like cardboard and paper.

You can find several sites online that offer printable miniature Halloween items like coffins, pumpkins, and witch sets. These are made in different scales so they fit houses of different sizes. You can use them to decorate your dollhouse, or even for other uses like candy favors or even as party invitations.

You can tell if the image will work for your dollhouse because it will tell you what scale the cutout is made for. Most are made for scale 1:12 but there are other sizes like 1:24.

You will first have to print the Halloween miniature furniture plans out on your printer. You may even want to use a heavier paper or even photographic paper. If your printer cannot handle heavier paper, then you can print it and glue it to a heavier paper.

Other Items you will need

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Glue stick or white glue

A ruler so you can crease the paper against it

Color paper for decorating your Halloween miniature furniture

Once you have printed the Halloween accessory out, then all you have to do is glue it to stiffer cardboard, if necessary, and crease it where the plans indicate, followed by gluing everything in place.

Seasonal accessories like Halloween miniature trimmings are what make working with the dollhouse even more fun for both children and adults. Children feel the house is never the same and is always changing, and adults have fun helping children to make interesting accessories.

No matter what kind of dollhouse furniture you have, and no matter how beautiful it is, what really makes a miniature home so interesting to everyone is seeing all the intricate little details and a large part of those little details are seasonal accessories and furniture.

As you can see by the samples we gave you above, this type of accessory is inexpensive and often made of something as simple as cardboard.

Where to find Halloween Accessories for the Dollhouse?

You can find all kinds of arts and crafts projects for the dollhouse at your local arts and crafts store, but the best place to find seasonal items is online. Online is your best option because often the instructions come with the plans at no additional cost.

What Types of Halloween Furniture can I Find?

You can find all kinds of plans online–items from pumpkins to coffins, candlesticks, baskets, and squash. You will find everything you need for Halloween here.

The most important part of all of this is that you make it a fun activity for kids and you can get them away from the video games, the TV, and get their creativity flowing with these types of projects.

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