To Create A Great Business You Must Have Marketing Advertising And Public Relations}

Posted by s8KR2i on April 4, 2017

To Create A Great Business You Must Have Marketing Advertising And Public Relations


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The success of a business is dependent on several factors. Businesses should offer the best products to be successful. They should effectively manage their costs of production to offer their product at a reasonable price and they must have the best in public relations and marketing firm.

Even if a business has a great product and can manage productions costs, without good public relations and marketing firm, it will not succeed. There have been many businesses with the first two keys that have missed out on the third and they are now history.

Marketing public relations goes hand in hand with a companies reputation. If a company has a bad reputation it will not likely succeed. Even companies that improve their product after an initially bad product may have already done the damage. The business may have already sealed it own fate. The bad product will always be associated with the business unless something is done.

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On the other hand, if a business begins with a good product and builds a good name, the public is willing to forgive that company if for a short while it offers a product of poorer quality than the first product sold.

We are not saying that it is an impossibility for a company to begin with a poor product to succeed. We are saying that it is going to take work in the area of marketing public relations.

The following ways may help a business overcome a poor reputation.

If your product is small, offer free samples. How many people remember the bitter diet sweetener saccharine? Those little white pills dissolved easily enough and did give the food a sweet taste, although it was a bit like drinking earwax. In 1983, a free gumball came in the mail that contained an artificial sweetener. Overnight, the reputation of artificial sweeteners changed. The brilliant public relations director of Nutra-sweet had changed the image of a product and people began to insist that everything use aspartame as the sweetener.

If you cannot offer samples, improve your warranty. This is the strategy that has been used successfully by Kia motor company in the United States. Their first vehicles were not good cars. As they began improving their cars they also offered longer warranties than anyone else in the United States. No one else in the industry at the time offered anything close to the 100, 000 mile ten year warranty of Kia. They warranty with a heavy advertising program has helped to bring them a healthy share of the American market.

The third strategy is to offer a better price. The bottom line for many people is price. Some people will overlook a bad reputation for a better price. If your product has truly improved you will begin to gain a loyal fan base. Products that remain poor in quality but low in price will eventually lose out.

A good

marketing advertising and public relations

will overcome past problems and move your company to the forefront in becoming a great company.

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To Create A Great Business You Must Have Marketing Advertising And Public Relations


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