The Importance Of A Counter Terrorism Certificate From The Leading Counter Terrorism School

Posted by s8KR2i on September 9, 2016

Submitted by: Daniel Sommer

Since September 11, 2001 the United States has been on high alert for terrorist activity. Indeed, the President of the United States enacted the USA PATRIOT ACT (Unite and Strengthen America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Disrupt Terrorism Act) in recognition of the large existing terrorist threat and the need for offensive and defensive measures. Since that time, there has been an ongoing need for professionals who understand the complexities of terrorism. As such, formal education and training in the many facets of counter-terrorism is necessary.

A counter-terrorism certificate from a leading educational institution can help individuals join the fight against terrorism. A counter-terrorism certificate will equip the individual with formal knowledge about the complexities of terrorism and it will also provide the individual with practical advice on the tradecraft of counter-terrorism. A counter-terrorism certificate is useful for those working in the military and government sectors because it can be directly applied to their work. It also serves as an incentive for advancement and promotion as leaders in this developing field will require education and training necessary to make important decisions.

People outside of the military and government can utilize a counter-terrorism certificate because the field of counter-terrorism affects all aspects of society. Businesses and cultural centers are considered at risk for terrorist threat just as military and government interests are. A greater understanding of terrorist behavior can help those who provide security for these industries secure their interests. A counter-terrorism certificate is also relevant to the private sector and to academia because scholarly and scientific work is needed for the maintenance and growth of this new area of study. Aside from the practical applications offered by studying counter-terrorism from the leading counter-terrorism school, this study offers opportunities for the integration of multiple scholarly and scientific disciplines such as psychology, law, political science, statistics, history, comparative religion, and sociology.

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The victory for the War on Terrorism illustrated by finding Bin Laden is evidence for the effectiveness of counter-terrorism studies. However, the field of counter-terrorism is not static. Just recently the Chief of U.S. special operations warned of the changing nature of terrorism and indicated that the new generation of terrorists will have a sophisticated understanding of America (Associated Press, 2011). An example of such a threat is the soldier accused of planning to attack Ft. Hood. The need for people knowledgeable in counter-terrorism is high. The roles for people who hold a certificate in counter-terrorism are many and may include tactical, strategic, and leadership roles.

People can begin to equip themselves for a career in counter-terrorism with a counter-terrorism certificate from the leading counter-terrorism school. A counter-terrorism certificate can be used as a point of entry into the field of counter-terrorism, or it can be used as a means to advance within the counter-terrorism profession. The benefit of attending the leading counter-terrorism school is in the faculty and the reputation. The faculty consists of leaders in the field, people who have worked in counter-terrorism, military, intelligence, and security fields and who have a sophisticated understanding of counter-terrorism. The reputation of having attended the leading counter-terrorism school may be a decisive factor in decisions about qualifications.

Overall, the field of counter-terrorism is in need of educated professionals to advance the mission of the Global War on Terrorism at home and abroad. A certificate in counter-terrorism can help achieve that goal.

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