Saying Goodbye: Planning With An Affordable Funeral Home

Posted by s8KR2i on October 29, 2018

byAlma Abell

Planning a funeral or cremation is usually not on the top of everyone’s favorite to do list. Moreover, in instances where accidents or serious illnesses occur without warning it may never even enter into the discussion. Having an idea of what to include in a memorial service and burial vs. cremation is an important factor to discuss, as is finding an Affordable Funeral Home.

Plans for memorials and burials are personal and should be discussed with family members so that desires are clear and understood. Depending on personal beliefs, this may include cremation or full burial services. Interment after cremation is an option, but others may prefer to have family or friends scatter their ashes in a beloved place, or family may choose to keep them at home in a special urn. Having these decisions made can help take the stress off the family when death does occur.

Funeral homes like Cascade Memorial can offer special services to those who have served in the Armed Forces (and their family members). This may include helping to set up burial at military cemeteries, ordering flags for service member’s coffins or other military honors.

Having plans finalized and pre-paid for can help take the sting out of the end of life decisions and grief that comes whether death is expected or unplanned. If a full burial is planned, choosing a family plot and paying overtime can help reduce the financial strain and reduce out-of-pocket expenses at the time of death. Caskets are required for those choosing burial, the rules for cremation and internment of ashes vary by location so it is important to thoroughly understand what is included in cremation costs and what may be extra.

Funeral services can be as simple as a private ceremony at the graveside or include visitation and open memorial. Having a frank and open discussion as to how to be remembered after death should honor both the deceased and the family members planning the memorial. Working with an Affordable Funeral Home can help keep plans organized and on track. Don’t wait until it is too late. Take steps toward funeral pre-planning today.

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