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The inventor of the first world wide web television is credited to a Greek. His name is Angelos Diamantoulakis and he is also a film director who created the online TV in 2005. To watch TV shows online all one really has to do is find a channel directory at a website, choose a program from their archives and click on play.

There are actually two forms to watch TV online. There is streaming content that can be accessed with a media player on your computer or by downloading the program to your computer. These on-demand sites and applications are becoming more and more essential for major television networks. Some online sites even offer an HD version. As long as users have a computer or portable device that uses an HD screen.

The fact is, that most every conventional TV stations, around the world, have taken to showing TV shows on the internet, to continue to stay ahead, of the advancing technology curve. Broadcasters can re-air old programming and charge advertising again for shows that have long since expired through regular broadcasting.

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Many websites that allow you to watch TV online have extensive archives. This can bring big problems along with big benefits. Large archives are costly to maintain with the mass storage needed, as well as, the ample bandwidth needed to transmit it. Large archives can also be hard to categorize so, that it’s easily accessible for users.

However, the benefits of having very extensive archives is that it brings in many more users who watch TV across the internet, as well as, watch movies online. This leads to a much broader audience base which allows for much greater advertising revenue. This is the main reason the owners of these websites can offer you the content for free.

All you really need to watch TV shows online, is the cost of an internet connection. These sites and channels can maintain a free television use policy because of video advertising. These are the short commercials that pop up before your show starts. They are usually no longer than 30 seconds in length but, the viewer has no way of stopping it. However, there are no commercials within the show once it begins.

For an on-demand internet provider, getting users to download an application on their desktop computers and then register, is a challenge. Right now, it is far easier for a user to just log-on to a website without registering and start to watch TV shows on the internet right away. Many times the stream quality is good enough that a viewer can watch their chosen programming with ease.

However, to watch TV shows online an application is more powerful. By having an application on your desktop computer you can manage the downloading of your favorite content much better. These TV show and movies can usually be kept and watched offline for a full month once you’ve downloaded the content. With this kind of power you can begin to create your own video library on your computer that gets updated every thirty days.

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