Flat Panel Tv Energy Efficiency Standards Will Be The Implementation

Posted by s8KR2i on September 6, 2017

By Lanbo Jiang

And air conditioning products, energy-efficiency labeling similar to the flat panel TV will also have their own energy efficiency label. According to “Beijing Times” reported, the state radio and television products whole performance of Quality Supervision, Inspection Center of China confirmed that laboratory director Wu Wei, China’s “flat-panel TVs limit the value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency rating” will be held on December 1 this year, the formal implementation, did not meet the flat-panel TV will face delisting situation. According to the relevant tests showed the market up to 14.5% of the LCD TV does not meet the new market access.

It is reported that the energy efficiency standards was June 30, 2010 release, in July to November as energy efficiency standards prior to the implementation of the grace period has now begun to use the energy efficiency criteria for energy certification and energy efficiency of the implementation of specific rules will be December 1 released, when the products will be posted energy-efficiency labeling.

About 15% of the products do not meet the new standard

China flat-panel TV energy efficiency standards for other companies to promote the standard of green low-carbon strategies. The energy-efficiency labeling will contain the manufacturer name, product specifications, energy efficiency levels, energy efficiency index, passive standby power and energy efficiency of the national standard number. The three levels of energy efficiency rating, LCD TV energy efficiency index of the three levels of 1.4,1.0 and 0.6, respectively, plasma TV 3 levels of energy efficiency index were 1.2,1.0 and 0.6. A target value for the energy-saving products, in principle, should be set at the current market the highest level of similar products; two rating scale for the energy-saving products, target setting should be higher than the market average; 3 for market access levels, indicators set out the major market for energy-intensive products.

It is reported that, from September 2008 to April 2009, the national radio and television product quality supervision and inspection center for testing and enterprise businesses Song samples tested in two ways on their own accumulation of data collected, and used to follow-up flat-panel TV target level of energy efficiency standards Analysis and determination. Data show that the energy efficiency level LCD TV for the 2.4%, 2 is 10.8 percent share, three accounted for 72.3%, 14.5% of the LCD TV does not meet the standards. In addition, plasma TV products have failed in 9% of the products.

Analysis said that in the months before the implementation of standards of time, the TV manufacturers are likely to cut prices to sell substandard products, accelerate inventory digestion, otherwise unqualified products will face mandatory delisting.

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Flat-panel TV market has stabilized

The emergence of extreme weather events and, combined with carbon in vogue wake-up call. In addition to low-carbon lifestyle people choose, but also began around the “man-made environment” for low-carbon transformation, and the appliance is undoubtedly the main character of this transformation.

Beneficial to people’s livelihood, the development of low-carbon economy, by country, industry and businesses to actively promote the full implementation. Flat-panel television can be implemented efficiency standards for color TV industry benchmark for low-carbon technology research and development applications. State “TM”, “Energy projects that benefit the” policy continued to deepen, further release of rural and urban TV markets, the development of low-carbon economy as the most powerful support.

The Video Industry Association of white people, the Secretary-General also said that the current domestic and international TV market environment has changed, especially in Europe and the United States and other countries continues to grow green trade barriers, the first to launch a “low carbon” economic battle, color TV industry is facing new opportunities and challenges.

According to the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Consumer Electronic Product Investigation Office issued the “first half of 2010, demand for flat-panel TVs urban consumers Investigation Report” shows that the first half of this year, demand for 10.5 million flat-panel television sets, compared to the same period in 2009, representing a marked drop . Expected in the second half of 1500 demand for flat-panel TVs million. This indicates that experienced substantial growth in 2009, my country the size flat panel TV market has stabilized, the coming two years will be expected to maintain low growth rates, Internet TV, LED TV, 3D TV and other new technology products demand were significantly higher.

LED into a flat-panel television consumption in

This year’s television market, the most popular is Internet TV with LED TV. While domestic brands pushing Internet TV, on the other hand, foreign brands Qi on the LED TV, the brands are all joined the LED camp, but also accelerated the development of LED TV.

It is understood that with energy saving, ultra-thin shape, color, outstanding performance, high contrast LED technologies highlight the next generation of TV is known as television, as Samsung, Sharp, Hisense and other domestic and foreign manufacturers vigorously promoted, LED flat-panel TVs this year’s a major consumer market highlights. In the current energy shortage, promote energy conservation in the large environment, LED TV, the public and consumers energy-saving concept of a common focus.

The flat-panel TV product the consumer’s subjective evaluation survey, consumers expect to buy flat-panel television, 65% of consumers concerned about energy consumption and energy issues, of which 20% of households will first consider the lower energy consumption type TV, LED TV consumers to buy 34%.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division Quality Director Ma said the people, the state encourages enterprises through technological innovation, product innovation to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of products. LED TV is a big industry, is in the rising phase of development, but also to create great social power.

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, said the Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo, LED TV technology advantages not only in energy saving, environmental protection, in a dynamic, hearing and so also have a competitive advantage. LED TV will be the next three years to gradually replace the traditional LCD TV and become the market mainstream.

Generally considered the industry standard will accelerate the introduction of television to promote the process of LED. Samsung, Sony LED TV as a foreign-funded enterprises will compete on the domestic enterprises TCL, Hisense also frequent moves, and actively advance LED light module construction, Skyworth, Konka is also LED packaging business through the strategic investment to protect the upstream parts supply. In the future, LED TV will be increasingly fierce market competition.

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