Feng Shui Choosing A Real Estate Lot For Your Home , Chalet Or Cabin

Posted by s8KR2i on September 24, 2018

By Syd Z Nohcus

Building a home – house, cottage or chalet? It’s not only the home with its fixtures that are major considerations in terms of Feng Shui but also your choice of lot or what might be considered plot or ‘the plot’.

Some home buyers or builders will place great emphasis and cost on the physical building itself yet play little attention to the ‘land’ or lot itself. Yet years later when it comes time to sell that beautiful home, that investment, the lot itself may be the limiting factor in the basic selling price of their home. It may be the physical location – a 2 million dollar home facing a group of older rental duplexes for example. If you think of it as a potential home buyer – who wants to spend that kind of money, spend big dollars on city and municipal taxes every year and yet come out each morning and view a less than elaborate residential neighborhood view when paying such good money for a property. Ultimately every home has a buyer at a given price. With a less than optimal choice on a lot a house may sell for a lot less than had the home builder spent a higher percentage of the total building budget on the lot.

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What can be said about lot choice in terms of Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, a square shape, is it a lot, a room, or a table. Denotes stability and balance. Qi is able to flow freely, unobstructed. Ideally, your house should be situated in the center of a lot, allowing qi to circulate around the structure and through its windows and doors. Your occupants will be nourished and satisfied. Next in opportunity in lot purchases and availability are rectangular lots. If your dwelling is situated a front of the lot, Qi flows in and accumulates in the back area of the land.

Your wealth and health will be secure and safeguarded. Think of it all as being similar as a wealth person with lots of cash in the bank to provide a strong foundation against winds of change or instability. On the flip side of the coin a deep front yard, although appearing massive and inflating the apparent size, and or perceived value of the home, is not a wise idea. It’s the opposite of the model of the wealthy individual, above, with cash in the bank resisting negative forces. With a large oversize front lot, along with a very small rear pace you will have difficulty retaining money, stability and overall power. Not a wise idea for the desirability and marketability of your home – of course along with a sales price.

Currently you may come across odd sized lots – trapezoids. These are not wise choices – even if they are exotic and may be bundled with very attractive and competitive pricing. It’s almost as if developers are repackaging the left overs of what is still around in a new and wonderfully inspiring format. None of these lot types are good choices. Simple as that. Sheng qi , inspiring good health, must squeeze into that trapezoid shaped lot. Like a bottleneck, the forces must maneuver through the tight opening in order to accumulate in back. Trapezoid lots are not a wise choice for this reason. On the other side you may come across inverted trapezoid lots. Qi will have no trouble entering, but a difficult time staying. Again not a wise overall choice in lot shape. Lastly is the triangular lot, which should be avoided at all costs. It is very difficult to position anything inside or outside the home that does not create sha qi. On top of that angular, triangular lots are most disorientating.

In the end pay particular care when choosing the lot type of your new abode. The basic premise when purchasing real estate is to consider future resale value and sales desirability as a major component in any real estate decisions. This includes the choice of the lot or plot as well. Spending more up front in the beginning may be a very wise choice in your real estate mix. Feng Shui.

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