Am I In Need Of A Tenant Lawyer?

Posted by s8KR2i on March 29, 2019


Are you in the middle of a messy dispute with your landlord? Disagreements between tenants and property owners are common, and many of these situations can be resolved without an attorney. Before choosing to move forward, you likely want to understand what outcomes are possible.

What is a Berkeley Tenant Lawyer?

A tenant attorney is a person who will represent you while you are having a dispute with your landlord. This lawyer is also able to look at your lease with you to determine you understand it and agree with it.

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Do I Need a Tenant Lawyer?

There are many situations where a tenant attorney may be able to help you. The following are some of those:

  • You are moving into a new dwelling and are unsure about your rental agreement
  • Your property owner is violating your privacy
  • Your landlord is ignoring your grievances
  • Your property owner is attempting to evict you
  • You think you should not have to pay your rent
  • Your landlord is suing you
  • There is a dispute over the security deposit

How Much Does a Tenant Lawyer Cost?

The cost of your Berkeley tenant lawyer will vary depending on the reason you need the attorney. Some tenant lawyers have flat rates for simple things like lease reviews. Many tenant lawyers do charge by the house, though. You should always talk about and negotiate a price before choosing to hire them as your attorney.

What Can I Expect with a Tenant Lawyer?

The attorney is there to help you clear up a dispute between you and your landlord. They will look at and interpret the lease agreement followed by representing you in court or giving you advice on what you need to do next.

If you are hiring the lawyer merely to look at your rental agreement, you’ll feel comfortable being aware that the document is free of surprises and is legally binding. If you are involved in a lawsuit, the attorney will be there to help. You can then expect to be allowed to stay in your home or be compensated for leaving if you’re being evicted.

Choosing a Berkeley Lawyer

When selecting a lawyer, make sure to pick one that has expertise in tenant-landlord situations. The professionals at Bracamontes & Vlasak have years of experience working as tenant attorneys and are aware of all the nuances that or

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